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I am a Boston-raised, recently Raleigh based designer with 20+ years experience. My combination of advertising agency experience + financial design training + nonprofit passion projects have made me a well-rounded problem solver for all size projects.


My joy of book design was the perfect path to fine tune my typography skills. It also

taught me to conceptualize and layout high quality projects at a fast pace.

Speed and talent are the keys to my success as a professional designer. I have experience in all walks of design, from logos to a annual reports. I love to combine smart design and marketing strategies to solve brand challenges, grow businesses, raise funds, and spread awareness.

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Client Testimonials


“I can’t tell you how lucky we feel to have you (Nancy) on our team. Truly Truly. Everyone loves the annual report and everything else we produce. You make us shine, and you are an extraordinary pleasure to work with.”

Anne Morton Smith​

VP Development & Community Relations

Rogerson Communities


“Nancy, you’re not only an exceptionally creative designer, you are also able to quickly understand the bigger picture. Your thoughtful approach and commitment to getting it right make you a pleasure to work with.”​

​Barbara V. Trevisan​

Director of Communications

Pine Street Inn


​“Sincerely thank you (Nancy) for your creative touch brought to your assignments. They are beautiful, smart and organized. That matched with your astute sense of color and sensitivity to photo use, makes me very happy.”

Rosalind Loeb Wanke

Creative Director

Rockport Publishing

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